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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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for help and the gunman took off in a car. at last check police were still looking for him. >> now to president obama welcoming his successor to the white house. >> chris: it was the first ever meeting with president-elect donald trump. both men afterwards had positive remarks. but some protestors in d.c. still not convinced. we are getting answers at the white house. >> the conversation with president-elect trump. >> president-elect trump spent 90 minutes talking in the oval office. >> i look very much forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. >> president obama says he is focused on a peaceful transition of power. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> reporter: trump visited the white house during the reagan and clinton administration.
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first time in the executive mansion. anti-trump demonstrators protested outside the white house and says the president-elect has to bridge a deep divide in the country. >> he does not represent our ideals and ideas in this country. we will not be silent. we will hold him accountable. >> mike pence met with leaders on capitol hill and got a look at the inaugural platform being constructed and talked about issues with house speaker paul ryan. >> we are talking about how to hit the ground running to make sure we can get this country around. >> this includes gutting obamacare and lowering taxes, both easily expected to clear the republican majority in congress. weijia jiang, cleveland 19. >> denise: also today vice president joe biden met with his successor indiana governor mike pence. >> chris: a protest last night in cleveland. you saw it on cleveland 19 news by people unhappy with prospects
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marched and chanted about two hours. it ended at cleveland state where the protestors stood in a circle holding hands. >> hey, ho, ho donald trump has got to go. >> chris: the cleveland group wasn't alone. there were protests across the country. as many as 5,000 people marched in new york city. in l.a. someone set fire to a trump effigy and some want hillary clinton to challenge the election results. now to a former cop suburbs on the other side of the law. >> that's right. he learned his fate for using police resources to stalk a woman. lacy crisp is live outside the justice center in cleveland. what did the judge say today, lacy? >> the judge described martin's actions as the worst betrayal of public trust and sentenced him to nearly three others in prison. >> the victim too afraid to come to court to testify.
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officer in court. >> your honor, i would like to apologize for my actions. many were incorrect. i had some issues and dealing with the issues. >> martin admitted he used police resources to track down his girlfriend to stalk her. >> i would like to apologize to her and never met her any harm. i would not do anything and will not bother her again. >> they said it is not an isolated incident but a of behavior lasting nine months. >> he was let go from his former employment because of similar behavior. that did not prevent him from committing these offenses. >> judge nancy russo said he shattered a sense of safety from his victim that will never be restored. >> everything that happened here is you had something in your head something you wanted like a dog with a bone. you were going to get what you
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>> after mart sin released from prison he will have three years of community control. >> reporter: lacy crisp cleveland 19 news. >> denise: a former kent state football player appeared in court today: nate holley pleaded not guilty to a kidnapping charge accused of holding a student against her will at an apartment complex a few miles from campus. the judge set a $50,000 bond and holley has to wear a gps time to talk a little weather. it was so sunny and i we want to rake the yard and a pile of leaves blew away. >> it was crisp. i went out with a sweater, hopeful and wish hi a coat. >> jeff: i saw that video, chris, of your kid jumping in the leaves. that's probably another reason they are gone. all right. clear sky and wind definitely a factor and still will be
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raking, the wind didn't help things out and it will be windy tomorrow. a cooler veteran's day. we have a front coming through early in the morning. a small chance of some rain out of that one. a sun-filled weekend. folks, this is a dry spell we are seeing in the month of november. we are at 58 as the sun goes down in cleveland. 55 akron-canton. a lot of mid-50s, cuyahoga county and 58 solon euclid and winds feeling cooler southwest at about 15- 15-16mile-an-hour winds out there. and again, that wind will stay up tonight as this front approaches. upper 50s right now. same deal here at 6:00 down to 56 at 7:00 and 8:00 and clear sky 54 and increasing clouds overnight and then it is a small chance of showers tomorrow but temperatures swings in there. we will start the weekend off on
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details in a half hour. >> welcome to the white house and give it up for the world champion cleveland cavaliers. >> chris: president obama honoring the cavs at the white house today. he invited them, of course, standard practice after winning the nba championship. >> denise: what a cool sight, too. j.r., by the way d wear a shirt for the big event at the white house. tony zarrella is live at the white house what a huge honor for the cavs. >> tony: great. special, special day and year full of them as we all know. you did notice the president mentioned joran and his love for chicago bulls and really this was all about the cavaliers. they had a packed day. they arrived three hours early for this and had a guided tour of the white house. by 2:30 it was on the south lawn of the white house. gorgeous day. they held this outside and came
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when you meet the president. kevin love presenting him with a special edition typed cavalier jersey form fitting ones and the president joked about the tight sleeves and lebron yelled from the back "i can help you that." it was a light moment and 20, 30 minute presentation and afterwards the coach had a presidential moment. >> i feel like the president. wow. >> the day has been amazing. and getting a chance to the white house and meet the president of the united states and meet the first lady and having our team here and organization. i mean, this is a great, great moment. i am very honored and humbled by the whole day. >> all right, ty lou referring to the president. this is a door where you walk out and see them walk up to the microphones with hundreds of reporters and of course president obama goes through that quite often.
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the press room. talk about a cool moment. describe what it was like for you being there today taking it all in. >> tony: i have never been to the white house. when i was on the grounds and getting ready to the south lawn i looked through the window and there's the briefing room and i thought i could open the door and go in the briefing room and there was the door and i handed to a guy and said please take a picture or 10 and walked up to the podium. my dream either president or press secretary, one of them. >> denise: there's an opening soon. you could put your name in. tony tweeted out that photo if you want to check it out on his twitter. safe home. >> first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> chris: you saw his pic. it was genuine happiness to be behind the podium in the press room.
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pretty clear and smooth sailing and some reports of accidents and none recently on the major roadways. keep it going. keep the traffic moving and be aware and drive defensively and enjoy a beautiful sunset. you hey, a police officer killed responding to a domestic dispute in a suburb of pittsburgh. two officers were ambushed and shot outside a house. a 7 year veteran died and now in the hospital. >> for them ambushed just loss of words really. sadness. >> we have lost a friend and comrade and our hearts go out to the family. >> reporter. >> police say the suspect later killed his wife before using the gun on himself. authorities say she was six months pregnant. >> neighbors say police were often called to the couple's house. >> denise: how sad. >> chris: now a brawl breaking
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>> denise: no one was hurt. tense moments were caught on camera. mark knoll san at the news alert desk. >> mark: a daily grind in the courtroom can a lot of times be run of the mill until 56-year-old anthony hammond bursts in and demands to talk to the judge. take a look. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> mark: police were trying to get him out the ground and take him into custody. it is incredible and everyone in the champagne county courtroom were shocked. hammond had some kind of beef with the police division and court. safe to say he has bigger problems now. assaulting a probation officer and contempt of court just to name a few. mark nolan. >> denise: week 2 of the teacher's strike. we got a picture from concerned
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kindergarten students were locked out of lewisville north elementary school. after a phone call to the school, a secretary let them inside. the school district has not commented on that incident. >> chris: coming up next on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, one local suburb dealing with an
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent, this is cleveland 19 news. >> chris: time for a
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we begin with encouraging numbers from the feds. the labor department says fewer people are filing for unemployment. there's a downside to the good news. a strong job market makes it more likely the federal reserve will raise interest rates. good news for anyone in the market for a new iphone. apple is selling them used. refurbished versions are on the market. a preowned iphone will cost cost $450. new ones. the tech giant offers refurbished macs and ipods. >> denise: seems like a lot of money to me. hard to believe thanksgiving is two weeks from today and orbits thinks 72% of americans are planning to travel for thanksgiving or christmas. airports in chicago, atlanta and l.a. will have the most congestion and longest lines.
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on the starbucks cups and for the first time customers submitted the designs. the coffee giant shows 13 of 1200 people sent in. starbucks was under fire for the plain red cup. a lot of people were not happy it did not have a holiday theme. they are making it right this year. >> chris: it was 41 years ago today the edmund fitzgerald sank after a storm on lake superior. all 29 men died. the shipwreck was made fame in us a song by gordon lightfoot and it was blamed on the witch of november named for fierce storms on the great lakes. >> a lots happened weatherwise on this date. the white hurricane 1915 and also if you remember, 2002 is
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so affected our morning show anchor brian duffy, his neighborhood in twinsburg. so you might remember that. >> 58 now in cleveland. you have to get clouds to get any kind of thunderstorms or snow. we don't have any of that right now. look how warm it is to the west. 66 minneapolis way above normal for them and no real cold air in sight even though it will cool down tomorrow for veteran's day. i will start future view at 1 a.m. tonight when the clouds start to increase. we have a cold front coming through early tomorrow morning. the only thick is rain and can you see it is mild at 7:00 a.m., 40s to around 50. the thing is we don't move in temperature tomorrow. essentially holding steady, if not dropping by late day. we are only going to go with sprinkles with this one, guys.
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rains. as a matter of fact, the next 7 days no significant rainfall. so no alerts days coming up the next 7. right around 50 tomorrow the high. saturday about the same deal. 49, 50. that's more sunshine in the forecast. another chilly night saturday night and then sunday we will start to warm. 56 and even monday as we start the new again, no big systems around and that will keep us dry for the foreseeable future. i don't have, again, any bigtime rain or snow for that matter coming up in the next week and that will carry us through thursday. clouds will be on the increase tonight. windy and mild. 46 the low tomorrow morning, southwest to north wind, 14-28, akron-canton you have a lighter
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increasing clouds but not until overnight. tomorrow just some sprinkles with the front and most of that through the first half of the day. it will be windy. you can see the wind out of the north 16-32 and 50 for the high and in fact, by later on in the day we will drop in the 40s there, 48 at 8 a.m. and we will hit t afternoon and 50 and down to 48 at 5:00. and that wind gusting over 30 miles an hour coming in off the lake. going to make things feel even a little cooler. but by saturday we turn sunny again and still some leftover clouds in the morning. 49 the high. if you have saturday night plans, 31 the low. thankfully, the wind will be
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sunday looking great as well. sunny and 56. if you think it will be dry through the weekend and even through most of next week, how about that. 49 saturday. 56 sunday. monday partly cloudy, 57. a little more cloud cover on tuesday. with a system. 54. i don't have any rain with that. wednesday we clear out again 56 and next thursday. next week sunny and 57. >> what is going on. >> a lot of sun icons on that board. >> there are indications next weekend we might be -- >> denise: a little early. >> jeff: seeing snow but we will worry about that next week. >> thank you, jeff. >> chris: we continue with a growing crime spree in one local suburb. we're talking about stolen cars and people taking stuff from
5:20 pm
leaving the cars unlocked or sometimes keys in the car. shanice dunning is here getting answers from police. >> that's right. bay village police are telling people to lock their cars. they tell me 7 cars were broken into yesterday in addition to 43 they have seep since june. >> cars sitting in driveways and even garages seem to be easy targets for thieves in bay village lately. the sergeant told me they have seen a spike in break-ins since june. >> vehicles stolen and 43 cars with items stoleen. >> computers, cash, bags, credit cards are some of what has been swiped and so far thieves seem to be picking cars at random. >> surrounding suburbs are seeing the problem. >> west lake and north olmsted and rocky river, lakewood, fair view park. >> police are noticing a similarity. locked doors.
5:21 pm
break-in cases people left the cards unlocked or keys in the car or nearby. >> we kind of see the individuals going car to car when they are unlocked and it happens the car left keys in there and it seems to be the car stolen. >> mike has lived in bay village for years. since the theft he is telling friends and family to keep cars locked. >> it is considered a safe community and people take it for granted. better to be safe than >> police echoing the same message. >> you take any and all valuables out of the car and make sure windows are up and doors blocked and includes the day and night time. >> police are telling people to keep an eye out and call the department if you see anything suspicious. chris? >> all right. thank you. still ahead at 5:00 a big announcement for local wrestling fans. >> that's right. a super hero on the big screen
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>> denise: it's time on your eye on entertainment. the wwe is bringing raw back to cleveland. michael keaton switching sides in batman. >> chris: we begin with tom cruise returning to a familiar role on the big screen >> chris: the sound track says it all cruise is back as ethan hunt in mission impossible, the 6th movie in the franchise. you have to wait a little bit and be patient. it's not going to open until july of 2018. that's a few weeks after cruise 56th birthday. >> how much do you weigh? >> about 108, i think.
5:26 pm
>> denise: michael keaton back in the next spiderman movie. the former batman returns as a bad guy and goes up against the web wonder. keaton is set to play a villian named vulture. the reboot spiderman home coming is due out next summer. >> chris: here we go. good news for wrestling fans. wwe raw returning to c the popular show normally a sell out figures to be once again at the q monday january 23rd. get ready. tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. >> denise: people love that thing. they flock there. >> it translates well on tv. translates well in person. always a big show. >> denise: very entertaining. a saw a show one time duane the rock johnson was doing a she on make-a-wish.
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downtown and fight over a spot
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>> chris: finding a parking space in downtown cleveland is never easy and even tougher if you are physically challenged. many spots designated for people with physical challenges are used by people >> denise: how about that. wait until you see the biggest offenders. chief carl monday is getting answers. >> it says on the sign, parking for handicapped drivers only. >> parked in a handicapped spot. are you handicapped? >> i am not even parking. >> a dispute over a handicapped sparking space getting loud. >> sir, this is a blue line. >> i am not even parked. >> reporter: getting physical.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: parking in a handicapped spot sill legal and expensive. a ticket could cost $250 or more. you guys take that seriously? >> yes, sir. >> no exceptions says city public works director michael cox who oversees parking enforcement in cleveland. >> if you do not have a handicapped sticker you should not park in a handicapped zone no matter who you are. >> we found who you are does matter when it comes to getting including handicapped spaces in front of city hall. >> records we review show 164 handicapped tickets werish issued at city hall since march of 2014. of the 31 tickets appealed, one were tossed out and two were reduced by the hearing officer and three involve city employees. >> one of the challenged tickets
5:32 pm
hopkins airport and gordon was ticketed for parking his personal vehicle in front of city hall and before his a deal hearing he talked on hidden camera to our produceer? i was wrong. no joke. >> that's a lot. expensive six minutes. >> that's all i am asking to reduce it a if possible. >> reporter: gordon had the good fortune of making his case in front of hearing officer brian mahone who is still under investigation after we reported he wiped out a fine on his own traffic ticket and gordon with 93 grand a year could probably afford the $250 fine and saw the ticket reduced by mahone by $25. >> it is not right. it is not right.
5:33 pm
unlike gordon her challenge was denied. with interest she now owes $275. >> if he can do it, i can do it. $275 and $250 that's ridiculous. >> at least gordon got ticketed. >> reporter: at the justice center handicapped parking signs are largely ignored. spaces often taken by law enforcement vehicles like the one driven by this patrolman from north olmsted. >> officer, can i ask you about your handicap? >> i didn't realize that's all. >> you didn'tli >> what if i used that excuse. >> the sign is right there, officer. is that all you've got to say? >> there's people that really, really need it taking up valuable spaces for those who need it. >> for adam, finding a suitable parking space is more than an inconvenience. >> i have a spinal cord injury and was in a car accident in january of 2011 and paralyzed
5:34 pm
of a handicapped parking spot in front of the justice center. nearly every single space taken by a government vehicle. >> no placard, no placard. >> we checked on several other days. same thing. we saw police vehicles from bed ford, garfield heights and lorain. patrol cars from cleveland. an s.u.v. from the highway patrol and housing court bailiff. the department of public safety and county sheriff the cleveland clinic. >> you realize this is reserved for handicapped parking? >> all parking in the handicapped zone. not a single one was ticketed including a fire department vehicle which was also blocking ironically a fire hydrant all taking spaces that could be used by people who truly need them like he have len. >> do you ever have problems
5:35 pm
times to get a spot. >> citywide 6,000 handicapped tickets written in the past two years. rarely 10 a day and rarely issued to those who know better government employees. >> this is handicapped here and wonder why the officers are parking here. >> well, it is time to move then. >> no excuses says director cox. >> i have so much parking there. not getting a ticket problem. >> reporter: getting answers of a growing parking problem in downtown cleveland, carl monday, cleveland 19. >> denise: after we pointed out the parking problem, the mayor's office told me the city will start cracking down on illegal parking by law enforcement and city employees. >> chris: time to talk weather. it is nice out. >> the sunshine made all the difference, jeff. >> it did.
5:36 pm
sun is pretty much going on now. it is dark and we hit 60 officially at cleveland hopkins airport and still mild tonight because of the wind will stay up until the front comes through early in the morning. we are at 58 in cleveland and 57 sandusky and cool spot wooster 54 and i think temperatures will be cool inland with a lighter wind in here and a temperature trend at 7:00, 56. and as this front passes tomorrow on veteran's day it will come with sprinkles and shift to the north and that will bring in cooler air and temperatures holding steady throughout the day t. will be 10 degrees cooler than what we saw today. a sun-filled weekend coming up. you know this month of november has been amazing.
5:37 pm
way normal and as far as big storms in this country up to this point no alert days the next 7. it is pretty much another week coming up of no big threats of rain or snow for that matter and we will see what happens as we get into next weekend and things may change a little bit and not until then. sprinkles tomorrow. a windy, coole and gusty north wind over 30 miles an hour rolling in off the lake. 7 a.m. temperature 46 and 50 at noon and down to 46 at 5:00. this time tomorrow i have us in the 40s. sprinkles, akron-canton and blustery day tomorrow on your veteran's day and 49 the high. denise? >> jeff, thanks so much. >> a brand new sign outside the rock 'n roll hall of fame in cleveland. it is really cool, too.
5:38 pm
6-foot letters spell out "long live rock." the sign stretches 78 feet long. it was officially dedicated this afternoon. the rock hall announced plans to launch a new cafe on the main level with recipes designed by local celebrity chefs. a once popular restaurant in cleveland is closing now. wileyville shutdown after three years in business. chef and owner posted the announcement on facebook. the east seen the opening of 12 new businesses and also seen the closing of 5 in the past 16 months. >> christmas spending season is here for many people and there appears to be a big divide for the more popular gifts. dan deroos in the advance with details. dan? >> dan: the gift card. do you love 'em or hate 'em? does it say the person who gave it to you doesn't put thought
5:39 pm
comprehensive study on this and did surveys and 50% of americans say they will hand out a gift card this year. but only 27% of the people surveyed say they actually want one of the gift cards and would rather have a gift that showed some thought. here are statistics and numbers. all the gift cards and looked at 70 talking retail and preloaded gift cards like visa and whatnot. >> 67% of them now option. that's good for security and highly encourage that. 67% is available as e- cards and didn't send them as an e-mail. you buy them on the company's web site and send the recipient an e-mail saying they got the gift card and one more statistic, 13% of cards have a purchase fee. i had to ask what they meant by this. they are talking about up front like the american express card.
5:40 pm
right off the top as a processing fee. something to watch out for when you purchase some of those cards this year. getting answers in the answer center, dan deroos, back to you. >> i love gift cards. >> chris: i like to receive gift cards. >> denise: yeah. can you pick out what you want. >> coming up later at 5:00 a warning about a popular furnace scam this time of year.
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many republicans are suddenly embracing president-elect donald trump after months of keeping their distance. >> chris: that's right. trump meeting with a lot of g.o.p. members and they are all talking how they can work together and especially roll back parts of president obama's legacy. juliana goldman has details from d.c. >> the relationship is fine. i have spoken with donald twice in the last 18 hours. >> house speaker paul ryan kept his distance from candidate trump. but president trump is a different >> he will work hand in hand with a positive agenda to tackle the country's challenges. >> one of the top adgendas is gutting the president's signature health law. >> everything about obamacare was a mistake. >> mitch mcconnell promised wednesday. >> it was the single worst piece of legislation among many bad pieces of legislation passed in the first two years of the obama presidency and we can go in the different direction the better.
5:44 pm
reform and confirming a conservative justice to the supreme court. >> looking forward to working with him. >> rob portman after the access hollywood tape said he could no longer a support trump now says he looks forward to finding common ground. >> i think there are great things to do to give the economy a shot in the arm, something trump talked a lot about it is fix a broken tax code, and >> other g.o.p. converts include senator john mccain whom trump criticized during the campaign. mccain wants to work with trump to confront national security challenges and lindsey graham who didn't vote for trump but said to the extent i can help president trump i will do so. >> juliana cbs news washington. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 6:00 we will head back live to washington, d.c. tony zarrella has much more from
5:45 pm
house. plus we are getting answers in a neighborhood. a woman afraid to go outside her house because of a dog problem. those stories and more. see you at 6:00 would you say no to a lot more money? [excited scream] you just won a million dollars! no thanks. nice balloons, though! or no to more vacation days? janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what? no way.
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>> chris: now to some video you really need to see to believe. a man attacks a guy on his motorcycle. there is the dude hopping out of his car. oh, boy. >> denise: come on, buddy. >> chris: the man on themaker looked like he was wearing a helmet cam. look at it all. the assault happens. good grief. police in miami arrested the attacker and claims it all started with an instagram post over a woman. >> denise: wasn't a road rage thing. something was going on. they knew each other. >> chris: temperatures are
5:49 pm
homeowners looking to have their furnace serviced. >> denise: some are getting ripped off and brian has what to look out for. >> reporter: when jeremy and jennifer reese moved into their home they made an appointment for what would be a routine furnace check up and they were wrong. >> he was down there maybe 20 minutes or so, comes upstairs and says we have some bad news. >> the technician diagnosed a cracked heat dangerous problem allowing carbon monoxide to be released in the house. >> this was tagged here. >> he placed a red tag on the system and dissembled parts so it couldn't be turned on. >> the sales guy was out a half hour after the system was disabled. >> trying to get them to spend thousands on a new system. >> your family will freeze so you better get a new one. >> jeremy decided to call for a
5:50 pm
>> mike king son ran a camera and found no evidence of any cracks. >> ran a full test and everything checks out and everything looked fine. >> everything looked fine. >> everything looked fine. >> if there's a problem the furnace should only be turned off and not taken apart. >> the gas valve was shut off. >> in case the system needs to keep working in winter. >> and we found homeowners around the country being scammed. other people have been scared into making an expensive purchase. >> glad i got a second opinion. that's for sure. >> ryan says the best advice is check with the better business bureau in your area before you hire someone to check on your furnace. take a look at this video. record snow buried the swedish capitol of stockholm. people woke up to a foot of the white stuff.
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
so a little cool to start the weekend. 31 saturday night low. sunday back up to raffe. sunday will be a gorgeous day. monday partly cloudy and 57. mostly cloudy tuesday 54. still dry on wednesday, 56. and a week from now i am forecasting sunshine and 57. very little or no rain. you can see temperatures, the coolest day saturday and then we will hold in the 50s on sunday there. chris? >> chris: all right, jeff. thanks. coming up on cleveland 19 news at 5:00, a new study on swearing. this one pits men against women. you may be surprised who drops
5:53 pm
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>> denise: a 93-year-old woman crosses an adventure off her bucket list and proves you are never too old to try something new. >> i am going zip leaping. >> oh, beautiful! oh, wow! how exciting! >> denise: how cute is she!
5:56 pm
line at mall of america and is an inspiration to her friends. gruber says she enjoyed it so much she might do it again. >> that's adorable. men have the perfect response the next time someone tells them to watch their language around the ladies. a new study finds women more likely to drop an f- bomb than men! however, this research was conducted in britain. nearly 400 people surveyed men to swear. the report includes cursing a sign of equality. i defer to you darks niece? >> denise: i have many cousins there and been there many times and i think they swear a lot more than we do here. just saying. nothing against the brits. coming up at 6:00 it is this time of year black friday almost
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5:58 pm
5:59 pm
now at 6:00 he is a football player at kent state and today he is on defense facing kidnapping charges. >> denise: plus her getting answers on a dog problem in cleveland so bad the post office won't deliver mail. >> jeff: gorgeous 60-degree day today. a windy and cooler veteran's day ahead. cleveland 19 news sponsored by empire window company your local window, siding siding expert since 1960. live from cleveland's newscenter, we're getting answers for you. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> mark: a lot of traffic through the white house today including our nba champions. the cleveland cavaliers. we have a live report in a few moments. >> denise: we begin with president obama and his discussions with president-elect donald trump as the two plan a peaceful transfer of power.
6:00 pm
successor. >> mark: it was the first time they ever met. chris tanaka shows they both had positive remarks. >> chris: that's right president obama and president-elect trump spent 90 minutes talking together in the oval office. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. because if you succeed country succeeds. >> denise: there were protestors outside saying the president-elect has to bridge a deep divide in the country. mr. touch and vice president-elect mike pence met with leaders on capitol hill talking issues with house speaker paul ryan. >> we are now talking about how we will hit the ground running to make sure we can get this country turned around. >> chris: that includes gutting obamacare and lowering taxes both easily expected to clear the republican majority in


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